HVAC Filter Media

HVAC Filter Media

Indoor air quality of living spaces such as residences, schools, business centers, factories, shopping malls and gyms, where people spend 80 to 90 percent of their lives, directly affects human health and quality of life.


Since the central air-conditioning systems in closed spaces circulate the air with the recirculation method, the particles transferred to the ambient air through actions such as coughing, sneezing, speaking and breathing spread in the air, increasing the risk of infection to people through respiration.

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The multi-layered, pleatable "Nanofiber Filter Media" that we developed as Hifyber provides energy saving by increasing the filtration efficiency of the filters used in air handling units.


HIFYBER filter media, produced in accordance with international test standards such as EN779:2012, ISO 16890 and ASHRAE 52.2, has different efficiency classes from F7 to E12 & Merv8 to Merv16. In addition, with its stable mechanical filtration feature in accordance with ASHRAE 52.2 Appendix J standards, it offers a more reliable indoor air quality compared to other products that provide conventional electrostatic filtration.

Antibacterial-Antiviral HVAC Nanofiber Filter Media

HF-SPP65-AB series Antibacterial-Antiviral Nanofiber Filter Media, which we have developed for HVAC systems, provides high filtration efficiency and reduces the risk of transmission of bacteria and viruses suspended in indoor air in living spaces through heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

High efficiency Hifyber Antibacterial-Antiviral HVAC Nanofiber Filter Media showing 99.58% antibacterial activity according to ASTME 2149:2013a standard and 80.43% antiviral activity against Covid-19 according to ISO 18184 standard and it provides healthy and comfortable indoor air quality by disrupting the vital functions of bacteria and viruses that occur in the air filters of air conditioning systems.

Biodegradable HVAC Nanofiber Filter Media

The innovative, reliable and biodegradable “HF-BIO60-WB series Nanofiber Filter Media”, which we have developed as Hifyber to leave a green, healthy and more livable world to future generations, prevents filters from posing an environmental threat.

Developed in accordance with EN13432 standard, HF-BIO60-WB HVAC Nanofiber Filter Media offers environmentally friendly filtration solutions with its biodegradable and compostable feature.

Flame Retardant (FR) HVAC Nanofiber Filter Media

“HF-SPP70-FR series Nanofiber Filter Media”, developed for HVAC systems in living areas where fire safety is a priority, especially in industrial facilities has Flame Retardant (FR) feature.

HF-SPP70-FR series Nanofiber Filter Media, which fulfils the need for fresh and clean air in living spaces by providing high filtration efficiency in HVAC systems in enterprises, offers safe working environments with its flame retardant feature.

The flame retardant feature of HF-SPP70-FR series Nanofiber Filter Media has F1 class of DIN 53438 standards, according to reports from international independent testing institutions.

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Scope of Application


  •  Industrial HVAC Filter
  •  Residential HVAC Filter


Features & Benefits


  • Fully synthetic durable composite structure - Perfect pleatability in all pleaters.
  • Extended surface area - Higher dust holding capacity compared to glass fiber.
  • Eco-friendly media design - Reduces carbon emissions by saving energy in fan motors used in HVAC systems.
  • Outstanding energy savings - Achieves an energy rating of A+ in Eurovent 4/21, providing less pressure drop than glass fiber media.
  • Maintaining predictable quality and performance - Provides continuous high filtration efficiency due to its mechanical filtration feature compared to electrostatic charged filtration.


Product Series Description Documents
HF-SPP65 series

100% Synthetic Pleatable Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-SPP65_Technical Data Sheet
HF-STP70 series

100% Synthetic Pleatable Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-STP70_Technical Data Sheet
HF-SPP85 series

100% Synthetic Pleatable Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-SPP85_Technical Data Sheet
HF-STP95 series

100% Synthetic Pleatable Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-STP95_Technical Data Sheet
HF-SPP110 series

100% Synthetic Pleatable Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-SPP110_Technical Data Sheet
HF-SPP45-WB series

100% Synthetic Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-SPP45-WB_Technical Data Sheet
HF-SPP65-WB series

100% Synthetic Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-SPP65-WB_Technical Data Sheet
HF-BIO60-WB series

Biodegradable & Compostable Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-BIO60-WB_Technical Data Sheet