Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter Media

Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter Media

Gas turbines are machines that provide mechanical propulsion to generate electricity or power different processes in industrial plants.


Air intake systems in gas turbines are exposed to dust, fiber, liquids and particles of various sizes that can damage the engine and impair the performance of the system.

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As Hifyber, we extend the service maintenance intervals by offering high equipment protection and long filter life with the "Nanofiber coated filter medias" we have developed for filtration systems in gas turbines.


We produce filter media with high efficiency particle retention with nanofiber coating on 80% cellulose, 20% acrylic (blend) and 100% synthetic filter medias.

"Nanofiber Filter Media", which protects the turbine from dust, soot and salt, provides high quality filtered air to the system by providing a high level of particle retention efficiency after static and pulsed "Pulse-Jet" cleaning applications.

Nanofiber coated Hifyber synthetic and cellulose / polyester blend filter media, produced in accordance with international test standards such as EN779:2012, ISO 16890 and ASHRAE 52.2, has different efficiency classes from F7 to E12 & Merv8 to Merv16.

The nanofiber coating, which has a mechanical filtering feature, protects the filter against external factors such as moisture and prevents performance loss.

Thanks to the nanofiber performance filter layer, dust accumulates not inside but on the surface of the filtration media and can be easily cleaned with back pulse cleaning. This provides long filter life and reduced maintenance costs.

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Scope of Application


  • Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters


Features & Benefits


  • Improved dust release - Provides low maintenance costs with long filter change time.
  • Excellent uniformity - Makes perfect surface filtration.
  • Helps to minimize energy consumption with optimum pressure drop level.
  • With its hydrophobicity, it prevents liquid and water from entering the filter and is not affected by humid ambient conditions.
  • Better durability - Provides high resistance to “Pulse-Jet” cleaning applications.
  • With its high corrugation depth and pleating feature, it offers the advantage of maximum efficiency and long-term use.


Product Series Description Documents
HF-B115 series

80/20 Blend Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-B115_Technical Data Sheet
HF-B115-HO series

80/20 Blend Hydrophobic Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-B115-HO_Technical Data Sheet
HF-SRC130 series

100% Synthetic Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-SRC130_Technical Data Sheet
HF-SRC130-HO series

100% Synthetic Hydrophobic Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-SRC130-HO_Technical Data Sheet
HF-STP95 series

100% Synthetic Hydrophobic Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-STP95_Technical Data Sheet