Research & Development

Research & Development


The rapidly increasing world population and the global climate crisis threaten environmental factors and our ecosystem. As Hifyber, we have been working to leave a greener and more livable world to future generations since our establishment.

We value creative and innovative ideas. We see the concept of sustainability as the center of our business processes and we build all our R&D processes in a way that minimizes our environmental impact.


We are among the world's leading manufacturers of air filtration systems with the "Nanofiber Filter Media" that we have developed in accordance with international standards for use in industrial filtration, HVAC systems and face masks, with the awareness of our responsibility for the environment.

We believe that our R&D is the most important factor behind our sustainable success and steady growth in the field of air filtration.

Our Main Works;

  • HIFYBER-HP: Gradient media design for HEPA class
  • HIFYBER-GT: Filtration solutions for gas turbines
  • HIFYBER-AP: Energy-saving filter media for dust collector cartridges
  • HIFYBER-HV: Improved performance for HVAC filters
  • HIFYBER-FM: Clean media design for facemask and respirators
  • HIFYBER-MB: Membrane solutions for liquid filtration
  • HIFYBER-PA: Waterproof and breathable performance fabric
  • HIFYBER-BIO: Biodegradable and compostable filter media
  • HIFYBER-MED: Nanofiber media design used in the medical field