About Us

About Us

Hifyber a group company of Abalıoğlu Holding, a manufacturer of nanofiber filter media Hifyber engineered for high efficiency air filtration applications and employs top quality nanofibers to provide exceptional filtration performance and superior durability.
Our group company, Abalıoğlu Holding has diversified its business interests in the areas of textile, packaging, mining, energy and nanotechnology. Hifyber is located in Denizli / Turkey.

Please visit our holding website for more details: www.abalioglu.com.tr

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Our innovative nanofiber production technology represents the improvement in air filtration by extending the filter life with nanofibers with low pressure drop and high durability.

With its wide range of nanofiber products, HIFYBER® reflects the dedication of a research and development team full of the latest developments in nanotechnology. Technical Reports


Our expertise in nanofiber technology offers superior adhesion and durability with superior fiber diameter, narrow diameter dispersion, constant thickness and controllable pore size.

Superior Durability

Perfect Homogeneity

Low Pressure Drop

Higher Efficiency